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More than just a cooking oil…

Nuts About cooking coconut oil is part of a greater story, one with a richness enhanced by the local hands that contribute to the process of our coconut oil and subsequently find a little bit of enrichment through it.

Coconut oil = Most versatile oil!

Great for:

Nuts About Cooking is a 100% vegan, refined coconut oil.

This means it can be used at HIGH HEATS since it has a higher smoking point. Now you can enjoy your favourite fried and baked foods with the taste of the tropics and all the added benefits.

It is also an incredible, natural saturated fat giving it a firm texture at cold or room temperatures. It is shown to increase HDL “good” cholesterol levels in the body and stabilize LDL “bad” cholesterol, which may help to boost heart health. Coconut is excellent inside the body, as well as outside. It is great as a beauty product for skin, hair and nails since it has good emollient properties and is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

We believe in the abundance of our local lands and that all can benefit from the goodness it has to offer… we’re NUTS about it!

Nuts About Cooking is inspired by the local people of Mozambique, where our coconuts are sourced. We have employed and wish to empower the local people of Mozambique through our coconut production, with hopes to instill more dignity within the local community and to encourage growth and development for those with less opportunities.

Nuts about cooking works alongside small-scale coconut farmers within some of Mozambique’s most vulnerable, impoverished local communities. By providing jobs and a way to make a living, we’re able to positively uplift the livelihoods of the people. We strive to make a difference for more people, one coconut at a time.

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