Yes, you can. An Autoimmune Disease develops because foreign substances enter our blood stream and get into the connective tissues where they shouldn’t be. All substances that enter the blood stream should be of a particular molecular size, shape and consistency. Much of the world population has developed a condition called Intestinal Hyperpermeability Syndrome or Leaky Gut Syndrome due to eating a pro-inflammatory diet, eating unusual foods and consuming too many irritating substances like coffee and alcohol as well as psychological, emotional and physical / bodily stress.

This condition results in small or large holes forming in your intestines which allow undigested / foreign particulates directly into the blood stream. In cases of eczema and psoriasis for example foreign substances can directly enter the blood stream through the skin. When foreign substances enter the blood stream in a form unfamiliar to the body then the immune system launches an attack on these substances and builds a memory of them. Unfortunately, the body is often not equipped to eliminate these substances and often sequestrates or deposits them in the connective tissues / fat or organs. With continued exposure the immune system starts to react to the body’s own structures and organs that have a similar form / presentation and so over time begins to destroy the body.
This lifestyle is most suited to Autoimmune Diseases because Fruits and Vegetables with very rare exception such as food allergies, never launch an immune response and so this condition can reverse over time as the causes have largely been removed.