It is a common misconception that we need animal foods to survive or even thrive. This belief is based within millennia / thousands of years of meat and animal food consumption justified by cultural tradition and habit, animal sacrifices, mythology, religion and innate primal desire. We have certainly become a species ruled and controlled by our lustful desires for food, sex and similar stimulation. Meat is nothing more than a glandular stimulant. It is a very poor source of Amino Acids (Protein) and is in fact a supplement to the Endocrine / Hormone system. It is therefore not an essential food since our body makes its own hormones from the fats / oils, amino acids and sugars / carbohydrates in the plant-based foods that we eat.

The personal unscientific ideology that we NEED meat stems from an addiction to these foods as it has been proven to create addictive pathways in the brain associated with years of consumption. These addictive pathways are near exact replicas of opioid addiction to drugs such as pain killers and heroine. Meat therefore acts simultaneously as a glandular / endocrine stimulant and pain killer. How fitting that we have become addicted to a food that provides us with an increase in purposeless willpower while at the same time perceivably numbs and reduces our suffering in this society of turmoil, struggle, abuse, manipulation, competitiveness, violence and chaos.