No. Fasting is more beneficial to the human body, mind and nervous system than not fasting. We can only go several minutes without oxygen, days without water, but we can survive weeks without food. Eating regularly is not as essential as the media and industries make it out to be. Eating has become more of a habit and a pleasurable / gratifying indulgence than a necessity. After all the old adage / saying that “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is not a medical fact but actually began in the 1950’s as a Kellogg’s cereal campaign slogan directed at war veterans with anorexia and post-starvation syndrome.

Breakfast is in fact the most unimportant meal of the day, dinner being the most important. The time when your body is most efficient at healing and restructuring itself is at night while you’re asleep hence why dinner is the most important meal of the day so that your body has nutrients available in your gut to produce blood, rebuild muscle and detoxify the organs.

Fasting 12 – 18 hours every day will provide your body with a break from digesting and assimilating so that it can focus on all the other important things that need to be done.