There is certainly merit to a balanced diet, but many foods that are considered normal or suitable to human beings are in fact not suitable, and actually are very often toxic or poisonous. Most plant-based foods of the fruit, vegetable, herb, superfood, nut and seed variety, with exception, are perfectly suited to the human being. Therefore, the balance of one’s diet really comes from seasonal eating as these foods do not always grow all year round.

There are plant-based foods that are less suitable but are still consumable by human beings in the cooked form. Beans, legumes and grains are considered transition foods in this lifestyle and are not preferred as primary foods but rather as supplemental to a diet of Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Superfoods, Nuts and Seeds.
By consuming varying amounts of the above foods throughout the year one can meet all and more of one’s daily, weekly, monthly and annual nutritional requirements and never acquire a nutritional deficiency.