Over years of poor dietary and lifestyle choices the intestines, and especially the colon, become clogged up with undigested / uneliminated food matter that lines the intestines and effectively creates a plug, known as mucoid plaque, preventing proper absorption and causing ongoing fermentation.

By practicing a routine of regular bowel purging one eliminates the burden this place on the body having to slowly break down and eliminate this plaque. If this plaque can be eliminated more quickly and effectively the body can focus all of its intention, energy and healing abilities on the internal organs and structures of the body thus reducing your overall detox / healing time within this lifestyle challenge.

The intestines are also the main detox organ allowing the body to dump large amounts of toxins into high fibrous stool to be eliminated out through the faeces. If the bowels are clogged and obstructed with mucoid plaque then the body will not be able to detoxify as effectively.