This lifestyle challenge encourages a mostly raw fruit and vegetable-based diet therefore most of your water intake comes from your food. The media promote excessive water consumption because it benefits the plastic water bottling companies and is associated with an athletic lifestyle. Water consumption is required only in so far as you consume a lot of cooked food, because cooked food is dehydrated food and dehydrated foods make you dehydrated.

Drinking water during your dry fast will negate its potent healing effects. If your body is not looking to itself for water but instead getting it elsewhere then Autophagy will not be activated. Autophagy or Automatic Phagocytosis is the process simply put, whereby the body consumes itself for water and nutrients. The result of this is that healthy cells get stronger and weaker deformed cells get eaten up and consumed for nutrients. This process promotes stem cell production and new nerve production in the brain resulting in a physical anti-ageing effect and improved intelligence, respectively.