Week 1: A Week of Transitioning

We call it transitioning because we believe in moving at the pace of love. We understand that detoxing happens simply by renourishing the body and eliminating certain food groups. By flooding the body with good and pure nutrients, it allows for toxins, heavy metals, fats and parasites to be detoxed gently and naturally from the body. We always look at rebuilding, strengthening, and nourishing first. The goal is to avoid being in a deep detox mode for too long. Small detox reactions are total fine, but we don’t want to overwhelm the body and put it into a deep healing crisis.

During this phase we will offer grocery lists, easy recipes and tips and tricks to incorporate a healthier lifestyle into your routine, without the mental and emotional strain that sometimes comes with it. We know that change is challenging and that’s why you can rest assured that you won’t feel as if you are missing out on anything.

Our exciting recipes and mentorship program was developed to create a feeling of enhancement, rather than of restriction.

Meal Planner


Shopping List




Week Overview



  • Breakfast: 09:30 am
  • Tip: Struggling to stop cold turkey? slow down your coffee intake first or get an alternative, try mushroom coffee or chicory root.
  • Affirmation: ‘My Body Deserves Love and Respect.’
  • Grab your journal, write down what you want out of this challenge.
  • Research: Write down your own monologue about how you feel about your body. Be honest, this is the first step towards loving yourself.

An audio snippet of Doctor Alex Smuts, discussing points on:

Coffee & Dry Fasting

Circuit 1

For beginner & intermediates

  • Mountain Climbers
    1 min
  • Bicycle Crunches
    8 Reps, per leg
  • Band Lateral Squat Walks
    8 Reps, per leg
Circuit 2

For the experts

  • Lunge to Stabilisation
    10 Reps, per leg
  • Single-Leg Concentric Squats
    8 Reps, per leg
  • Single Leg Bucks
    10 Reps, each
Day 1 – Complete


  • Breakfast: 10:00 am
  • Your beginning the process of effectively detoxing your body from years of accumulated toxicity.
  • You are healing your digestion to effectively break down and absorb nutrients.
  • You are balancing your hormones by cleansing out toxins and hormone disruptors. You are stimulating your lymphatic system for optimal detox.
  • Affirmation: ‘Other’s opinions of my body do not affect or involve me.’
  • Grab your journal, write down what you want out of this challenge.
  • Research: Every person has a unique body, therefore, explore yourself to find out what gives YOU joy. Recognize it & write it down.

An audio snippet of Doctor Alex Smuts, discussing points on:


I recommend you add in 30 minutes of low-intensity cardio workouts. These cardio workouts could include:






Day 2 – Complete


  • Breakfast: 10:30 am
  • Tip: Fasting helps you to burn up toxins, it will also help to heal the kidneys.
  • Affirmation: ‘I love every part of myself.’
  • Your body image does not matter at this stage, what matters is what you appreciate about your body.
  • Research: Identify what you like about your body and appearance and journal it.

An audio snippet of Doctor Alex Smuts, discussing points on:


Circuit 1

For beginners & intermediates

  • Tall Side Plank Pulse
    8 Reps
  • Jumping Jacks
    30 Sec
  • Wall Leg Lowers
    8 Reps
Circuit 2

For the experts

  • Push Up to Tall Side Plank
    5 Reps, per leg
  • High Knees
    30 Sec
  • Banana Isometric Hold
    30 Sec
Day 3 – Complete

Coconut oil is a rich source of MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) which is saturated fat and may increase the number of calories you burn.